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It's time to get paid what you're worth.

We’ve researched for more than 1,000 hours to master and harness the power of female-driven negotiations. After speaking with hundreds of women, there’s one thing we’ve learned: Women don’t like to negotiate. Despite being very good at their jobs, negotiating in the workplace makes them feel inauthentic and uncomfortable.

We’ve heard it all: you hate self-promotion. You don’t know your value. You don’t want to harm your work relationships…

Mastering effective negotiation strategies typically takes months, even years. It requires combing through all the research (most of which is geared towards men), and using trial-and-error to determine which of these tactics actually work. Who wants to do that?

You don’t. But we do. Negotiating is our passion and we've have spent thousands of hours perfecting our approach. We used it to generate over a million dollars in value for ourselves and our clients. We're thrilled to bring this proven, research-based approach to you.



✓ Overcome the 5 fears that keep women from negotiating
✓ Identify the right goals for your unique negotiation
✓ Collect salary data to determine your market value
✓ Leverage current research to craft a winning way to ask
✓ Improve your outcomes and relationships by negotiating collaboratively
✓ Learn five pro tips to take your outcomes to the next level


Negotiate with Confidence



Without Worthmore, I would have settled for a compensation package 40% lower. Kathryn told me what I needed to know to get more. Taking this course is a no-brainer. You'll be glad you did!



What People Are Saying

This advice was exactly what I needed as I prepared to negotiate my salary for the first time: practical and honest. I ended up negotiating the highest-ever salary for my position.



I knew I deserved to earn more, but wasn't sure how to ask for it. Kathryn's process helped me negotiate a 30% higher salary than I expected plus 2 extra weeks of maternity leave AND a 10% signing bonus!




I spent the early part of my career at two wonderful companies, McKinsey and Lilly Pulitzer, but it wasn’t until business school that I learned I could negotiate. Unfortunately, many of the negotiation tactics I came across in books or online were targeted towards men and would backfire when I used them as a woman. So I spent my second year of business school studying how to negotiate specifically as a woman under the tutelage of two phenomenal professors. What I learned informed the approach I use today.

Meet Your Instructor

Kathryn Valentine
Founder, Worthmore

Our course gives you the tools you need to become a confident negotiator. You will be more satisfied in your job, become more productive, and have a better relationship with your boss. Also? You'll have more money in your bank account. 

Course Curriculum

What's Included:
1. Worthmore’s Signature 8-Step Process to Negotiating, taught through 10 online learning modules.
2. A step-by-step worksheet to develop your winning negotiation strategy.
3. A negotiable items checklist with more than 50 items women have successfully negotiated during compensation discussion.
4. A guide of more than 20 resources for salary benchmarking.
5. A 30-page coursebook to help identify your negotiation goals, potential roadblocks, craft how you will ask and more.
6. Word-for-word scripts women have used to successfully negotiate higher salaries, bigger bonuses, promotions and additional support. 
7. Email templates you can use to communicate before and after your negotiation.
8. Day-of checklist outlining the steps you should take on the day of the negotiation.
9. Bonus! Transcripts of all 10 learning modules.
10. Bonus! 5 pro tips to maximize your outcomes.


On average, women who negotiate their job offer achieve an additional 7% increase in their salary and  women who negotiate for a raise at their current company achieve an additional 3% increase in their salary.

And that's just the average! Our clients regularly negotiate 20 and 30% salary increases. This difference has an outsized impact because it is baked into your salary, and you enjoy it year after year after year AND your future salary increases are then given on top of this new, higher base, so they are higher too!

Let's check out some examples: 

A 30 year-old making 100,000 dollars is given a new job offer, and negotiates, driving her salary up 7%. She then gets the average annual bump on this new, higher base. At 65, she will retire with $500,00 more - from negotiating ONCE and achieving the AVERAGE return.

With our proven process, you will feel confident and empowered as you negotiate your way to a higher salary, bigger bonus, better benefits and more support.


A 30 year-old making $120,000 gets a job offer, decides to invest time in learning how to negotiate effectively and achieves a 10% pay increase by knowing how to navigate the new Salary Inquiry Ban.  Because of this decision, she will retire with $800,000 more - from negotiating ONCE.

A 35 year-old making $150,000 decides to switch jobs. She negotiates a 7% pay raise, and then decides to negotiate about once every 4 years.  She will retire with an extra $2M - by achieving the AVERAGE returns.

These scenarios aren't unusual.  In fact, our clients often achieve 20 and 30% pay increases.  Many decide they will negotiate annually because once they learn our approach, negotiating becomes an easy way to increase their compensation.  

Now it's your turn!


• You are negotiating a job offer
• You aren't sure if what you've been offered is fair
• You don't know if there are things you can negotiate that aren't on the offer
• You don't want to jeopardize your new work relationships
• You know you should negotiate, but don't know how 
• You want a higher salary, bigger bonus, better benefits, or more support 
• You want to build a lifelong skill

This Course is Right for You If:


The course is completely self-paced. You get to decide when you start and when you finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

For a lifetime! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own. 

How long do I have access to the course? 

We would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What if I am unhappy with the course? 

It’s a big investment in YOU. On average, high-performing women who negotiate a job offer earn a 7% increase. Those who negotiate in their current roles get a 3% raise. Future increases are given on top of this higher base. For example, if a 30 year-old making $100K negotiates a 7% increase, she will retire 35 years later with $500K more. And that’s the average – our clients regularly negotiate 20% and 30% salary increases. Based on our experience, you'll to make back your investment in a few months and enjoy the extra compensation for the rest of your career! 

What if this feels like a big investment? 

We're confident your situation is unique and that is why this course will be the perfect fit. Part of its success is in our ability to help you examine your unique situation and tailor the content to what makes the most sense for you.

What if my situation is unique?

This course was created specifically for high-performing professional women – a group whose time is extremely valuable and limited – and was designed so it could be consumed in single weekend (or one long evening). Though this could easily be a 12-hour course, we have condensed the material into a powerful, concise and fast-moving 60 minutes of instruction, with another 2-6 hours of preparation.













What if I don’t have much time? 


You'll make your money back in the first day of your new job

We are so confident in our method, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. No questions asked.