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April 20, 2021

3 Ted Talks You Must Watch

Why we have too few women leaders

‘Women systematically underestimate their own abilities’. Sheryl Sandberg looks at why fewer women than men progress to the C-suite and shares three key messages for women in business: sit at the table, make your partner a real partner, and don’t leave before you leave. This talk is powerful, particularly for women who are considering balancing career progression with building a family.

How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work

‘You are not going to ascend in any organization without a sponsor’. Carla Harris introduces the distinction between a mentor and a ‘sponsor’ – someone who advocates for your promotion behind closed doors. She discusses the qualities to look for in a sponsor: someone who has a seat at the decision-making table, someone who has exposure to your work, and someone with power. If you feel you don’t have a sponsor, Carla explains how to identify the right person and to ask for their support.

Know your worth, and then ask for it

‘Clearly defining and communicating your value are essential for being paid well for your excellence’. Casey Brown discusses how women underprice more so than men and are often uncomfortable communicating their value – contributing to the persistent gender pay gap. She shares stories of women who learned to confidently share their message and communicate their value.



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