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July 14, 2021

Book recommendation: Negotiate Without Fear

It’s HERE!

Those of you who have been following us for a while have heard me talk about Vicki Medvec.  She was my negotiations professor in business school and completely changed my life.

She taught me that I don’t have to accept the world as it’s given; I have the ability to change things.

She taught me that negotiations doesn’t have to have a winner and a loser.  If done well, two people walk away happy.

And finally, she taught me that to live in a world where you ask for what you want, and often get it, you have to face your fears.  For me, it was the fear of hearing the word “no”. 

I’ve often thought about how lucky I was to come across Professor Medvec, and how much better my life is (and happier I am) because I did. 

So, as you can image, I was THRILLED when she shared that she was FINALLY writing a book.  It’s aptly called “Negotiate Without Fear”. 

That book is coming out TODAY, July 14th.  I’ve already ordered my copy.  If you’d like one, you can get it here.



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