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August 2, 2022

Arin’s Negotiation

How Arin Negotiated More than a 50% Pay Increase

Have you ever felt underappreciated for the work you’re doing? Have you felt like your employer
was getting a great bargain, and that bargain was your salary? It can lead to frustration,
bitterness and anxiety.

Arin knows, personally, how this can impact your job and overall demeanor. She spent
three years unhappy in her role. She was consistently under-resourced, under-titled and under-
paid. Yet, she was outperforming her peers and expectations. She knew her performance did
not match her salary.

“I felt overworked and underappreciated. I was managing my clients and my team at a higher
level than I was getting paid or recognized for,” she said. “I was so overwhelmed that I was not
able to focus on strategic initiatives that would have helped my clients.”

She knew she deserved a raise but was not sure how to ask for it. In fact, she negotiated for 18 months
before she heard a yes.

“I was very open about where I was in my current role with my boss, but no steps were taken to
relieve me. I tried to negotiate, but I struggled with the right approach, timing, and words to
communicate my needs accurately,” Arin explained. “I needed guidance and help to show
my current and potential value.  I also needed someone in my corner saying I deserved what I
was asking for. Sometimes, a woman, I need validation that I am capable of the stretch

Now, two years later, Arin is on the other side of her negotiation. She earned a title
promotion, a seat on the leadership team, a 50 percent salary increase, a 100 percent increase
in bonus, and bigger accounts. More importantly, though, she’s much happier and has more
time to spend with the people she loves.

“My life has improved significantly.  My relationships changed and my friends and family feel
more valued now that I have time to connect with them.  My health is better because I’m able to
find time to take care of myself and my needs,” she said. “My new boss gives me time to plan
and think, which is invaluable.  I’m also given the authority to make key complex decisions that
shape my day to day. I am significantly happier!”

If you’re thinking about negotiating, here’s what she wants you to know:

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up: Often it takes asking multiple times before you hear a yes.
  2. Do your homework: It’s all about creating an argument they cannot ignore. Keep track
    of your wins and come prepared to talk about them.
  3. Practice, practice, practice: Write down what you want to say, then practice it with a
    friend or a partner until you can speak to it without stumbling or feeling nervous.
  4. Leave it all on the table: When you leave the conversation, you want to know you
    asked for what you truly needed.



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