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October 13, 2023

Our #1 Most Popular Post: 75 Things You Can Negotiate

It’s getting cooler, the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are out, and WE are starting to think about YOUR annual review.

Which makes it the perfect time to share our #1 most popular resource: 75 things we’ve seen women successfully negotiate <- click here to download for free!

How do I figure out what to ask for?
When you are deciding what you’d like to negotiate, I recommend asking yourself these three questions:

  • What would help me to deliver even more impact in this role?
  • What could I ask for that would reduce my stress?
  • What could I request that would get me closer to my goals?

Then skim our list, looking for things you may not have thought of that could be helpful to you.

How do I ask?
Research shows that when women can demonstrate their ask is both beneficial and legitimate, they are more successful and significantly reduce the risk of backlash.

We created a formula to make this easy to do (which is now trademarked!):

Worthmore’s Relational Ask Equation™ (aka: The “WRAE”)
Past Performance + Future Vision + Ask + Stop Talking

You can read more about that, and see examples, here.

PS. If you are part of a women’s group who would like to prepare participants for annual reviews, consider booking Kathryn’s Empower Hour! We have 2 spots left in November!



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