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June 9, 2021

Personal Finance Recommendation: Danny Seth

Now that you are negotiating, you probably have a bit more money than you did before.   Which means some of you will be asking – what is the best thing to do with a bit of extra money?

I have visited my share of financial advisors.  Most of them were very good, and all recommended saving for retirement by putting money into the market in the form of 401ks or IRAs.  I definitely do this, however, I’ve watched my now-retired mother get hit with big taxes, not to mention the government telling her when and how much to take out.  I started wondering if I could diversify – not just put all of my retirement eggs in this one basket – and how.

I came across Danny at an event last month and the way he approaches finances is just different.  I guess that’s what happens when a former hedge fund guy with real estate interest becomes a financial advisor.  He has been buying up single family homes, and that rental income is his protection against the market in retirement.  I’d never talked to anyone who was doing this before and found the conversation fascinating.  Danny’s approach is focused on building wealth rather than just doing enough.

If you happen to be saving for the future, and are considering doing it in a way that will build generational wealth, I highly recommend reaching out to Danny.  If nothing else, it will be a fascinating conversation.  You can reach him at



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