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August 22, 2021

Reward Yourself

Research has shown that a ‘positive mood leads to desired outcomes in nearly every major life domain’ – including negotiations.  Walking into a negotiation feeling confident, happy and optimistic improves your chance of success.

How do we get ourselves in the right headspace? One way to prime a positive mood is to plan a reward. No matter the size, a reward is a great way to recognize the courage it takes to negotiate – and importantly, to boost your mood before the negotiation.

So before you go into your next negotiation, decide what your reward will be and then put it on the calendar!  Here are some of our favorite ideas….

Rewards to give yourself for free (or close to it!):

  • Go on a beautiful hike
  • Turn off your phone for the weekend and enjoy uninterrupted time
  • Reach out to old friends or mentors
  • Take your PTO
  • Go on a walk with a friend
  • Spend the day at your local bookstore
  • Watch the sunset (or sunrise!)
  • Grab a bunch of magazines and spend the afternoon outside
  • Enjoy that really decadent dessert
  • Spend the afternoon cooking a great meal, and share it with friends
  • Spend the morning with a cup of coffee and a great book

Rewards under $100:

  • Enjoy a nice bottle of wine from your local wine shop
  • Book a mani/pedi with a friend
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • ..and maybe one of these Waterford vases to keep them in
  • New workout gear, like these fun ankle weights
  • Walk into your favorite shop with $100 to spend on anything that tickles your fancy
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • … or an at-home spa set!
  • Buy a great candle – like these from Anthro
  • Design personalized stationary that you love
  • Indulge your sweet tooth with the milk bar sampler
  • … or Levain cookies
  • Do something new, like a cooking class or an architecture tour
  • Go to a concert!
  • Order yourself something new, like this for coffee beans
  • Invite friends over for a “mixology night” using one of these kits
  • Try a scratch-off map to get you excited for your next trip
  • Buy yourself nice pajamas
  • Indulge in new sheets

Rewards over $300:

  • A weekend getaway
  • A monthly flower subscription service like bouqs
  • A nice piece of artwork
  • Good quality headphones like these
  • Your “made it” work bag like this one from prada (also available on therealreal and rebag)
  • A truly fantastic wallet like this one from Ferragamo
  • A nice piece of jewelry
  • An updated work wardrobe
  • …or a fantastic date night dress
  • Boss lady shoes like these iconic louboutins
  • FANTASTIC seats to a musical, play or concert
  • If you love great food and wine, treat yourself to dinner at Berns in Tampa – you’ll be surrounded by folks from all over the country who are there to celebrate a special occasion

How would you reward yourself for a job well-done?



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