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November 2, 2022

The 2022 Women In the Workplace Report from McKinsey and is Here!

Every year since 2016, these two organizations have teamed up to do the largest study of working women in America. This year, they collected information from 333 participating organizations employing more than 12 million people, surveyed more than 40,000 employees, and conducted interviews with women of diverse identities to get an intersectional look at biases and barriers.

My top 3 take always from McKinsey & Company and Lean In’s recently released Women in the Workforce study:

1. Women leaders are leaving: for every one female director woman who gets promoted, two are choosing to leave instead.

2. Burnout is still disproportionately female: 43% of women leaders are experiencing burnout, vs 31% of men.

3. …. which will cause companies to lose out on future talent: 2/3rds of women under 30 would be more interested in advancing if they saw female leaders with a work-life balance they wanted

You can see the full report here.



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