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June 13, 2023

Want to Get a Yes in Your Next Negotiation? Go for a Walk.

Margaret A. Neale‘s newest research may help you ace your next negotiation. How? The research shows women’s negotiation outcomes improved if they were WALKING during the negotiation.

Why does this work? For over a decade, research has shown that women do better in collaborative negotiations, rather than competitive ones. It appears the walking may motivate the collaborative mindset. (If you want to learn more about collaborative vs competitive negotiations, check out this post).

Ironically, I have been doing this since 2015, when a particularly difficult conversation ended up becoming a walk and went better than I could’ve expected. I found that when I’m walking next to someone, when we’re literally on the same side, it reinforced the idea of working out the problem together. That said, I always thought it was just me – a little mind trick that worked because I love walking. I’m delighted and thrilled to learn that this “trick” can work for other women too!

You can read the full article on Huffington Post here



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