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December 5, 2020

Our favorite office holiday gifts

December is the perfect time to let those you work with know how much you value them.

But who has the time to search for “the” gift for every team member, colleague and boss?!

We do.  And here are our favorites, curated just for you. 

  • The “You Can’t Go Wrong” Professional Holiday Gift: Harry and David’s “The Favorite Royal Riviera Pears” ($35). I’ve been giving these for years because they are delicious and everyone loves them. HACK: Earlier in my career, I couldn’t quite swing $35, so I purchased the Three Pack and then re-wrapped them in pairs of two in cellophane bags with a fun holiday ribbon. That took my average price per gift down to about $7.50 and I had one delicious pear left for myself!
  • This hard-cover journal from Shiloh ($22) was my favorite gift to receive last Christmas – and you can add the recipient’s name!
  • I just discovered this Shattered Glass Ceiling paperweight from uncommon goods ($48) and I can’t wait to gift it to my female mentors. Also a great option when friends reach career milestones.
  • Let’s be honest, this has been a tough year. So, just for fun, my go-to gift for this season will be the Hunt a Killer murder mystery games. Typically these are in the $200 range, but they just did a partnership with Target and have introduced this version at $30. Spoiler Alert: if I am involved in any White Elephant with you this holiday season, this is what you’ll be getting 🙂
  • Along those same lines, a good friend (and total Boss Lady), shared that this Egg Muffin Maker ($25) was her favorite purchase of 2020. After spending 7 weeks on the wait list, mine finally arrived last week and it does not disappoint. Starting the day out with my own version of an Egg McMuffin and a coffee has brought a smile to my face… every day since I got it! I will be gifting this to the “chefs” in my life.
  • One final tip: Don’t Forget The Note! In my opinion, this is more important than the gift. Crane’s stationary has always been my go-to, though honestly I was disappointed with the quality of my last shipment, so if you have any other stationary you like, please share!



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